Mininfinity 证书校验
Mininfinity Certificate Verification

官方唯一校验网址:。此校验系统的网址应当以 “HTTPS://” 开头。如果您看到的网址不是,请不要输入任何信息,并将其报告给 [email protected]


对于第三版电子证书,在本页面查询时输入的“证书编号”为证书左上角“证书编号:”字样后的10位数字和大写字母组合编号,不是“DocuSign Envelope ID:”字样后的编号。

如需校验旧版证书或需要其他帮助,请通过 [email protected] 联系 Mininfinity Committee。

The ONLY Official Verification Website: The URL of this verification page should always begin with "HTTPS://". If you see one that does not, DO NOT fill in any information and please report it to [email protected].

This system only supports verifying new version certificates that have a Certificate ID (both paper and electronic certificates are supported). Some certificates of earlier programs can also be verified, depending on when the certificate was issued. Participants of some earlier programs can now request new version certificates to be issued.

For version three electronic certificates, the "Certificate ID" you need to enter on this page is the 10-digit number and capital letter combination after "证书编号:" on the left-top corner of the certificate, NOT the number after "DocuSign Envelope ID:".

If you need to verify old version certificates or need other help, please contact the Mininfinity Committee at [email protected].

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